The Peugeot 308 TCR DG Sport Compétition receives badge of honour at the end of the TCR SPA 500!


For their first edition, and which calls for more, the TCR SPA 500 heartily saw the light of day this last weekend on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Under at times apocalyptic weather conditions, with ever heavier rainfalls, the Peugeot 308 TCR in ‘Endurance’ version entered by DG Sport Compétition, with the support of Peugeot Sport,perfectly succeeded in passing its first test over such a long distance. The Frenchmen Aurélien Comte, Teddy Clairet and Julien Briché did not make a single mistake, whilst the lioness proved to be both reliable and fast. With at the end of the adventure a splendid 2nd place overall …

In collaboration with DG Sport Compétition, Peugeot Sport developed the ‘Endurance’ version of this 308 TCR, which will be commercialised shortly, Christian Jupsin, the man in charge of the Theux based team explained. And the outcome is up to our expectations. Not only did the three drivers make any mistakes, even though at times the conditions were truly terrifying, but the car proved to be beyond reproach. The unknows, of a technical nature, were numerous prior to the start, but they all passed their entry exam in endurance races with flying colours …”

It was in the first part of the TCR SPA 500 race that the die was cast. Proof that success is a factor that retains its importance in this type of event … “Our nearest rivals, at home in this type of competition, perfectly negotiated the first five neutralisations via ‘Code 60’, Lionel Hansen, in charge of the technical part of DG Sport Compétition, commented. From our side, we decided to put off our pit-stops by not waiting for the race to be neutralised to call into the pits. The Peugeot was one of the sole cars on the grid fitted with a ‘classic’ sequential gearbox, the ‘Endurance’ kit having to prove its worth, and seeing we had inherited from 40 additional kilos the evening before the start, on account of adapting the ‘Balance de Performance’, we logically decided not to take any risks, and in particular to be able to analyse tyre wear. In the meanwhile, the leading car multiplied calling into the pitlane under the neutralisation sessions, with as a consequence a gap that quickly reached 5 laps. After that the advance our rivals had no longer increased, proof that we were fully in the running. The opponent perfectly knew the subtleties of the regulations, and logically took full advantage of same. From our side we delivered a perfect and neat performance, with drivers avoiding all mistakes, even under the downpours, filling everyone with delight …”

As such the collaboration between Peugeot Sport and DG Sport Compétition resulted in a silver medal … “This event needs to grow, and I’m sure this will happen very soon, Christian Jupsin continued. Those responsible for Peugeot present at Francorchamps are fully decided to do it again next springtime, with a view to clinching victory.  It goes without saying that we are also definitely up for it!