DG Sport Compétition rounds off TCR Europe 2019 on a high note!


For the final round of the TCR Europe 2019, some 33 competitors came together on the Autodromo Nationale Monza, the temple of speed. For the DG Sport Compétition team the objective quite clearly was to round off, an at times frustrating season, with an omnipresence up front. Mission blithely accomplished, seeing the Frenchman Aurélien Comte registered the 2nd best qualifying time, before putting permanent pressure on Julien Briché, the other Peugeot driver, from beginning to end in Race 1, which resulted in a sparkling silver medal. This Sunday Comte was once again in the top 3 overall with the Peugeot 308 TCR, prior to receiving a penalty for having, in the heat of the battle, short-circuited one of the Monza chicanes. Nonetheless DG Sport Compétition was in the ranking’s upper echelons this weekend.

Being able to finish the season constantly battling it out for victory was enjoyable, Christian Jupsin, the man in charge of DG Sport Compétition commented. This TCR Europe 2019 season was complicated, with the intensity of the battles too often resulting in contacts and other incidents on the track. Aurélien Comte was in fact forced to retire on four occasions due to accidents in which his responsibility was never engaged.  In Monza, we set the records straight, finding ourselves back near the top of the board. And that was a pleasure to see …”

This weekend DG Sport Compétition clearly put itself at the service of Peugeot Sport, with a view to helping Julien Briché in his conquest for the title, Lionel Hansen, the man in charge of the technical aspects continued. On fast tracks the 308 TCR is generally at ease, which once again was proven this weekend. The performance was there, which clearly feels good at the end of a season where Lady Luck was not always on our side. At the beginning of the campaign we were also in line to play for the title, but when 30% of the races end in serious contacts it is difficult to play for gold. Nonetheless we finish the championship in 7th place, and personally, I hope that DG Sport Compétition will have another go in TCR Europe next year. It’s a well-balanced championship, with a good reputation, with top drivers, and where a team such as ours quite clearly has a role to play in it …”

As for Aurélien Comte, he leaves this campaign– logically – rather frustrated. “Difficult season indeed, the young Frenchman emphasises. And this Monza meeting did a lot of good to everyone within the team. During the Qualifying and Race 1 we collaborated with Julien Briché allowing him to remain in the running for the battle for the title. Which implies that victory was also playable for us. Race 2 was rather more complicated, but nonetheless I was able to come back on the leading group, proof that performance was there. To me the penalty I was awarded was unjustified, namely because Daniel Lloyd switched line just before the chicane, which caught me by surprise and forced me to make a straight-through. Unfortunately, the sentence was non-negotiable. So be it. I obviously hope to be back in action with DG Sport Compétition in the future… “

At the end of this enlivened season I wish to thank Peugeot Sport for their unreserved support, but also to congratulate Julien Briché, whom we welcomed to our team during the TCR SPA 500 a week ago, Christian Jupsin concluded. His season in TCR Europe was top of the range. My thanks also to all the staff, who never gave up, notwithstanding the various mishaps, in all circumstances providing a 100% reliable car for Aurélien. We will now be putting everything into operation to once again be on hand in 2020 and aim for the title. And hoping that this time around the black cat remains at home …”